Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Digiloads?

Digiloads is an shopify app that helps merchants sell digital good's. We provide hosting and serving services on your behalf. Digiloads is a polaris based shopify app to give you a fluid shopify experience. You can get the app form here(app store link).

How are we better?

We provide fast,secure and reliable services. Unlike other apps, we solely work for shopify merchants. We use shopify polaris components and give you full shopify ui experience. Don't beleive us, check it out yourself, test drive our app's and let us know how you feel

What products can I sell?

You can sell anything that's digital - whether that be software, audio, ebooks, videos, dress patterns, codes or any other digital file.

How to add link on thank you page?

Give you customers a link for them to download your product on thank you page. Click here(link) for a step by step guide

How to add link in email?

Give you customers a link for them to download your product from the confirmation email. Click here(link) for a step by step guide

How to add products?

Go to products tab. Click on add products, after that add the file and fill in the required fields like number of downloads,link should expire in how many minutes and click add. That's it , it's done.

What is orders tables?

Every time a link is generated for your product we add that information into your orders database so you can keep full track of the activity of your customers.

What is anaytics?

Analytics give you a graphical view of your sales through our app. You can view for all products or choose a particular product for sales graphs.

How to change your password?

Go to settings->change password. Voila, it's that simple.

Can a customer download product if he hasn't paid for it?

No, we will check for the payment status before handing over the digital file.

Can a link be used multiple times for download or will the link expire?

As digiloads provide customisable experience to its users, we give you the power to make that decision. Every product you sell can be customised and you decide the number of downloads and the time after which the link will expire.

Can i customise these links?

Yes, you can feel free to contact us to know more.

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