Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Evetix?

With Evetix, you can add your Shopify Products as Events and then sell them as you do for any other product. Create as many ticket types as you need (for example General Admission or VIP), and set a price and quantity for each. When a customer makes a purchase, they are automatically sent their ticket PDF via email, with a unique ID number and scannable QR code.

Why does the vendor field contains an event code?

When you activate an event from your Evetix app, a vendor is assigned to that event. Whenever a webhook is received after a customer buys a ticket, it is passed to the respective vendor. This code is vital for the proper working of the app.

Can I change vendor details directly from the Shopify Admin?

No, you must not change the vendor details from the Shopify Admin as described in the above question, it is necessary for passing your request to the concerned vendor.

Can I change product/event settings from the Shopify Admin?

No, you must not change any event related settings/details from the Shopify Admin because those changes won't reflect in our database. If you need to change any details/settings then you can change it from the Evetix app.
If you change any settings directly from the Shopify Admin the app will stop working.